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Wellness Workshops for Your Business Place

Classes designed to discover your own inner energy and how to effectively connect with it. For more information on any of our classes or for custom time or course need contact us here.

Wellness and De-stressing Room Construction


Do you want to reduce the amount of employee sick time?  Many top companies are adding wellness programs to reduce emoployee down time and reduce wellness costs.  Invite Arthur to do an on-site assessment of integrating his color therapy art pieces with a guided meditation that plays on your flat screen in this Wellness Room.


The cost is very reasonable and can easily pay for itself by offsetting sick time.



Live Guided Meditation Sessions


Who doesn't have stress?  Who doesn't have personal issues to overcome?


Arthur can help you with guided meditation in your office or at his studio.  Once you have a consultation, he can even produce a DVD and CD set for you so you can have these sessions over and over again at your convenience.


Workshops on Living Well by Eating Well


You can benefit by Arthur's personal story of what he learned over the last 20 years about cooking and eating for health.  Arthur has ongoing relationships with professionals in the fields of Natural and Functional Medicine who have given him the tools to keep his weight near his high school weight, his cholesterol low without medication, and his appetite satisfied with his culinary expertise!



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