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Mayor's Gallery Show, Summer 2016


On June 14, 2015, I was invited with a group of artists to Sheffield Isand in Long Island Sound to make art pieces for the annual Sheffield Lighthouse Summer Series.  As a digital artist, I took nealy 200 photographs as raw images for digital enhancing to produce a small digital painting on canvas, streched and framed.


As a member of SPAG (St Philip Artist's Guild), I was invited to show Norwalk, CT oriented images in the Mayor's Gallery with an opening on Tuesday, July 19, 2016.  Here is the image I submitted, along with an original poem that Bette L Bono wrote - she viewed all the entries, and my Untitled piece connected with her.  What do you think?

Poem by Bette Bono, July 2016

About “Untitled” by Art Gerstein, enhanced digital print from original photo




I once could see the shore

from this, my tiny island,

but the final bit of land is gone,

two months now.


The sea, once filled with fins and scales,

flashes of moving silver,

boats and sales and sounds,

lies flat now, empty blue and black,

rimmed with purple sky.


I can almost pretend someone will come,

will sit in the chair I have set out on the White House lawn

while the shadows claw the orange rocks.

We could talk. The last things living:

A tree clinging to the rocky soil,

patches of grass, you, me.



Tonight I will climb the stairs to the Stone tower,

send the signal light across the waters, 

but there will be no answer.

No one will come.

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