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Welcome to the Art Energy Healing Gift Shop!

Items not currently availaible for sale online, submit contact us form on contact page to order.

Click any of the categories below to search for and find art, DVD's, Gifts, and more. If you have any specific request such as sizing or framing you can't find in the shop don't hesitate to contact us here

Bridgeport CT Oriented Art

Check out this gallery featuring works by Arthur Gerstein currently on Exhibition, the most recent being displayed at the City Lights Gallery in Bridgeport, CT. Click here to view pieces.

Images From My Mind's Eye

Canvas and aluminum artwork in varrying sizes anything that can be viewed in the gallery can be purchased here.

Shakra sets are images designed to open up your shakras and bring them into your life through art, click here to find a specific one or purchase the whole set.

Buy all your gifts this holiday season here from the artwork above to giftcertificates and DVD's you can find here.

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