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About Arthur S. Gerstein

Meet Reiki Master and artist Arthur Gerstein and learn about his artistic talents and energy work. Most people look at his work and discover eyes, faces and animals. Some almost defy descriptions. Arthur started to meld Reiki energy into some of his pieces called Heal-o-graph℠. This type of image can make you feel better, help elevate your mood and put a positive energy in the room. 
Arthur's incredible beautiful imagery and colors are designed to achieve a 'calm' , so people can focus on daily activities at home and work, and shed anxiety through energy work in private sessions, long distance, or in group workshops.

Development of Reiki

Since 2005 Arthur has been a practicing Reiki Energy Healing Practitioner. He has been trained extensively including being certified as a master of both Western Reiki and Karuna Reiki.


Additionally Arthur has been trained as  Level 2 in the Jikiden (pure Japanese) Reiki System, with Frank Arjava Petter and Mari Hall...  Read more about Self – Healing with Reiki               


Arthur in Energy and Healing:




I cannot replicate the process for another image because I have found using my intuition, feeling and creativity guides me to a stopping point where it “feels” like the image is done.

I am a Reiki Practitioner melding my art work ( as color therapy) with my energy work




I studied Western Reiki in 2005 and was assured by my Jikiden teacher Arjava and his organizer - my mentor - Mari Hall, that true energy work initially is to work on the ego and surrender is the approach. Humility and being in the heart is the way forward.

Development of an Image Maker

I have been a photographer since the age of five. At that time, I innocently begged my mother into getting me a Brownie Bullet, black and white roll film camera, because she gave one to my sister. In high school, a close friend lent me his 35mm camera and taught me how to develop film.


My photography education is a product of several mentors who pushed me to become a master darkroom technician, producing exhibition quality large prints for catalogs, shows, private sales and museums.  


Photo-journalist, Lucien Aigner, who became famous in Europe in the late 1930's, was able to publish photos in most major European publications had a small museum and studio in Great Barrington, MA, where I met him around 1982, when he was 81 years more about this...

Development of Art

One of Arthur's earliest photography jobs was a a porduction developer for the Back to the Future ride which still encompasses his photographs. Arthur's work has been featured in many prominent publications and galleries including the the Conserving the Aigner collection in Gt. Barrington, MA for over 10 years and with Dr. Patrick Distasio. Arthur's work has also been exhibited in South West Florida since 2006 and he is a feature artist on . Most recently in 2011 he has been featured in Coastal Life Magazine in recognition for his art featuring marine life. 


Arthur has said: 










Digital Art in Arthur's Words:


My Images  are completely electronic –starting in a digital camera and enhanced on various platforms including  iPhone,  iPad, iMac and Macbook Pro utilizing several photo editors.


When I make the initial image in camera, I generally pre visualize a result but not always. Some of my images evolve through application of dozens of filter manipulations...


Since my imagery is nothing like most would get from their cameras, and as it is abstract, impressionistic, pointillist, etc., I like them to mimic paintings. 




 "If I could paint, I would paint these and then my choice would be oil or acrylic. After studying Energy Healing, specifically Reiki, I started to meld Reiki energy into some of my pieces, I call Heal-o- graph ℠. This type of image can make you feel better, help elevate your mood and put a positive energy into the room."

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